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Legal Warning

1. Information about the Association

Asociación de empresarios de la Litera - La Litera Business Association
CIF (Tax Id.): G-22238521
22500 Binéfar

2. Acceptance

The current legal warning regulates the use of the Website LITERA SOLUTIONS (hereinafter referred to as the 'Web'). The Web browsing or use by a User (hereinafter referred to as the 'User') implies the full acceptance, with no exceptions, of the following conditions written on this legal warning, which should be carefully read by the User each time the User connects to this Web, in case they have been modified from last time the User connected the Web. In case the User does not agree with the following conditions, we beg the user to leave this Web.

3. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In general terms, the relationships between LITERA SOLUTIONS and its Users, as a result of the provision of services and/or products hold in this Web, comply with the Spanish Law and Jurisdiction.

4. Objective of the Web The sites within this Web are aimed to inform freely about the activities, products and services provided by LITERA SOLUTIONS and its associates.

5. Data Protection

5.1 Users

LITERA SOLUTIONS guarantees the privacy of personal data provided by Users and its automatic use according to legal requirements and data protection policies.
The fact of filling a form and sending it to LITERA SOLUTIONS , means that the User accepts that the provided data is included in the data base of this entity and that they are going to be used in order to give answer to the user's request, sending information to the user by any means, including the mailing of commercial ads by electronic means (e-mail, etc.) about our own products and services or those by third parties belonging to the same sector and which fully meet the user's needs. The user's acceptance can be cancelled, and the Users are able to practice their access, cancellation, rectification and opposition rights throughout communication with LITERA SOLUTIONS at the following address: ASOCIACION DE EMPRESARIOS DE LA LITERA, C/ San Pedro, 17, 1ª planta, oficina 2, Binefar (Huesca) SPAIN

Lastly, LITERA SOLUTIONS informs to the User that the Web can collect navigation data of non-personal character, such as navigator type, operative system, number of visits, etc... recorded on the cookies. This information will be used only with statistical objectives. The User can disconnect cookies at any moment, modifying the configuration parameters at the user's navigator (see navigator's instructions). Disconnection does not disable the view of the Web or handicaps the surfing.

6. About our contents

The information appearing in this Web is the information available on the date of the last update. LITERA SOLUTIONS has the right to update, modify or cancel the information and/or the contents in this Web, as well as the present Legal Warning. In this sense, LITERA SOLUTIONS will make any effort in order to avoid any mistake in the contents of the Web. LITERA SOLUTIONS is not responsible for a misuse of the contents of the Web, being the User the only responsible for the use of the Web contents. Besides, the company disclaims any responsibility for any prejudice or damage caused to the User as a consequence of any mistake, flaw or omissions in the information provided by LITERA SOLUTIONS .
LITERA SOLUTIONS does not control, and therefore disclaims, any responsibility resulted from the information provided on the webs by third parties which the user would access through our links or the browser in the Web LITERA SOLUTIONS . The presence of links in the Web LITERA SOLUTIONS has an informative goal and it does not imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation.
In case the User knows that the links are leading to a site with unlawful, damaging, humiliating, embarrassing or against the morals, the user can contact LITERA SOLUTIONS providing the informant's personal data and a brief description of the facts. The reception by LITERA SOLUTIONS of the communication referred at this provision does not imply the effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents communicated by the informant.
It is expressly forbidden the use of the Web with the objective of causing damage to someone's property or interest, as well as any action which could cause any damage or overload to the networks, servers, hardware, products or software belonging to LITERA SOLUTIONS or to any third party.

7. Intellectual and Industrial property

The User accepts to use the Web contents according to the Law and to the present Legal Warning, in compliance with the rest of conditions, regulations and instructions which could be applicable in each case.
The rights of the intellectual property for the Web contents, including Micro-sites which LITERA SOLUTIONS has created to house its collaborating companies, its graphic design, data files and codes belong to strong>LITERA SOLUTIONS and, therefore, it is forbidden its reproduction, distribution, public communication or modification without written authorization. Besides, commercial names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any type included in this Web are protected by the law.
The content and information accessed by the User or Client through this Web, mainly by means of its company browser, belong to LITERA SOLUTIONS. Such information can be viewed for personal, informative and non-commercial goals, but it is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, reproduce, license, send or sell any type of information provided by the Web LITERA SOLUTIONS and specially by the company browser, which is a free service.

8. Information about technical aspects

LITERA SOLUTIONS disclaims any responsibility for any prejudice or damage caused as a consequence of interferences, omissions, interruptions, malicious software, telephonic breakdowns or disconnections in the operative working of this electronic system, caused by a third party, delays or jams in the use of this electronic system, caused by phone line faults or overloads or internet overloads or overloads of other electronic systems, as well as damages caused by third parties by means of illegal interferences out of the control of LITERA SOLUTIONS. Besides, the company disclaims any responsibility for any prejudice or damage caused to the User as a consequence of any mistake, flaw or omissions in the information provided by LITERA SOLUTIONS .
On the other hand, LITERA SOLUTIONS can require provisionally the cancellation of services when it is required for the repair or maintenance of the equipment, software or networks.

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Legal Warning