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About us

La Litera County is located at he south-eastern limit of the province of Huesca.

Their inhabitants can be defined by this one word: EMPRENDEDORES.

It is surprising that a population of 20000 inhabitants embraces more than 1400 companies.

Sometimes, the word entrepreneur is associated to individualism. That is why we are so pleased to write about us, about each one and about the others. This is Litera Solutions' aim: a group of people who values business professionals' individual initiative in La Litera, joining them to offer their products and services as a business cluster.

All together bring comprehensive solutions, which can result very useful for those coming to establish or to invest in or geographical area of influence.

All together can satisfy the most demanding needs.

Litera Solutions, ground of ideas.
San Pedro n° 17. 22500 Binéfar (Huesca)
Telephone: (+34) 974 427 953 |
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